Finding the Right Buyer for Your Business

Selling your company is a major decision with important financial implications. Engage our team to guide you through the process and ensure a successful exit.

  • For companies that generate annual revenues between $2 million and $20 million, the highest value buyer may be an industry player. Our Merger & Acquisition service provides a team approach with a targeted marketing strategy.
  • For small, independently owned, Main St. businesses - we offer our Main Street Marketplace.

We will guide you through the entire process, using strategies that maintain confidentiality and preserve your goodwill. Our process includes:

  • Researching your industry and comparable sales
  • Recasting your financials to determine cash flow
  • Preparing the blind Business Summary and Confidential Business Review
  • Identifying synergistic candidates
  • Developing and executing a customized marketing strategy.
  • Qualifying and meeting with potential buyers and their advisors
  • Negotiating for maximum value and ideal terms
  • Coordinating all parties for a successful closing

Mergers & Acquisitions

This program is ideal for larger businesses with revenues over $2 million. We work on your engagement as a team - all three professionals focus on selling your company.

Once we are engaged under a Business Marketing Agreement and retainer, our Certified Valuation Analyst performs a market valuation on your company. We then develop a customized marketing program and professional offering materials.

We identify and reach out to the best prospects - in a confidential manner - enabling you to remain focused on running your company. Contact us for a consultation.

Mainstreet Marketplace

If you own a business that you have been operating yourself and believe that the most logical buyer is an individual or similar business, our Main St Marketplace will match your company with the highest value buyer.

We have an extensive database of registered buyers who are actively seeking businesses, as well as CPAs and attorneys that know of business owners looking to acquire companies.

Our intermediaries have years of experience selling businesses like yours, as well as buying and selling their own companies. Contact us for a pre-sale analysis including what you can expect to receive for your business in today's market and how we can help you sell your company.