Ethnic Restaurant in New York's Capital Region


This restaurant is located in the historic downtown area in one of the cities in New York's Capital Region. During the establishment's long history, the owners have developed a loyal following of long-term and dedicated local patrons as well as business people, college faculty, staff and students and visitors. The owners have been in the forefront of "eat local" and "eat healthy" movements, with the establishment featuring fresh, local, healthy and traditional food products. The restaurant provides quality food at affordable prices.


The 1,100 sq ft restaurant features an open kitchen, 25 inside seats and sidewalk dining in warm weather.

2017 Revenues:  $ 97,000
2016 Revenues:  $ 88,000
2015 Revenues:  $ 71,000
Listing Price: 
$ 59,900

For more information call 518.599.0219.

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