Specialty Food Retailer with Three Locations


This eight-year-old, independent, three location, specialty food retailer appeals to consumers who desire to serve and eat fresh products of a high quality unavailable at local supermarkets.

The retail locations, located in three upscale areas of the Capital Region of New York State, are attractively decorated with impactful visual merchandising. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the old-time local neighborhood


The company employs 33 full and part-time employees who are well-trained in purveyance and customer service. The owner oversees the company and each store has a general manager who reports to a director of operations.

Listing Price:
$ 1,399,900 (plus inventory)
Average Revenue:
$ 5,000,000
Average Cash Flow: 
$ 420,000

For more information call 518.608.6363.

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