Specialty Food Retailer with Three Locations


This Company is a nine year old, independent, three location specialty food retailer that appeals to consumers who desire to serve and eat fresh products of a high quality unavailable at local supermarkets. With resources and strategic vision, this company is positioned to scale. It features a compelling lifestyle brand, impactful marketing strategy, powerful ecommerce site, and attractive brick and mortar retail design. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the old-time local neighborhood food stores with a fresh, modern and funky aesthetic. Stores are located in major retail centers in three upscale communities in the Capital Region of New York State.


The company employs 33 full and part-time employees who are well-trained in purveyance and customer service. The owner oversees the company and each store has a general manager who reports to a director of operations.

Listing Price:
$ 1,399,900 (plus inventory)
Average Revenue:
$ 5,000,000
Average Cash Flow: 
$ 420,000

For more information call 518.608.6363.

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