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Businesses for Sale

Here are some of the businesses we are currently offering. If you are interested in receiving further information please complete the forms on each page to download a business summary. Please note that not all offerings are listed here. Certain offerings are only provided to qualified buyers based on our agreement with the seller. If you do not see a listing of interest, please contact the ThielGroup at 518.608.6363 to discuss other possibilities.

Description Asking Revenue Cash Flow
Adirondack Hotel
(Lake George, NY)
$ 7,950,000 $ 2,429,000 $ 632,000
AAA Automotive Repair
(Capital District Region)
$ 197,900 $ 689,000 $ 114,000
Plumbing/HVAC Company
(Capital District Region)
$ 329,900 $ 1,498,000 $ 156,000
The Cheese Traveler - Specialty Food Retail Store
(Albany, NY)
$ 59,000 $ 300,000