Finding the Right Business for You

Buying a business can be a complicated process, from finding the right one to working out all of the details required for a smooth transfer of ownership.

  • For a list of our publicly available offerings see Current Listings.
  • If you are an established company, or individual with specific acquisition criteria, engage us to actively find the right candidate by using our Retained Buyer Services.
  • If you are an individual looking to buy a company to own and operate, join our Registered Buyer Database and we will let you know of any companies for sale that match your needs, talents, skills, resources and lifestyle.

Not all businesses that are for sale are advertised. Often times the most attractive companies are never advertised. ThielGroup can help you access the hidden market of businesses for sale. Our network provides access to an expansive database of owners who are ready to sell if the right buyer comes along.

Retained Buyer Service

We conduct industry-specific and add-on acquisition searches on a retained and contingent basis using proprietary research and outreach. These may be companies with similar product and service offerings; similar business in other geographies; or even your competitors.

Working under a retainer, we will find the ideal potential targets without releasing your confidential information. Let us work for you to find the companies that match your acquisition goals with our customized targeted acquisition program.

Our Registered Buyer Database

Tell us about yourself and the types of companies you might be interested in acquiring by completing and emailing us our Buyer Information Form.

We will add you to our email database and notify you of new offerings that may be of interest as soon as they become available. We'll also provide you with short and useful newsletters containing information that will help guide you through the process of buying a business in today's economy.